Grey’s Anatomy: Sarah Drew e Jessica Capshaw pronte per l’addio, le ultime foto dal set

Grey’s Anatomy: Sarah Drew e Jessica Capshaw pronte per l’addio, le ultime foto dal set

Di Filippo Magnifico

LEGGI ANCHE: Jessica Capshaw e Sarah Drew lasciano Grey’s Anatomy!

La quattordicesima stagione di Grey’s Anatomy è pronta per volgere al termine e si avvicina l’addio di Jessica Capshaw e Sarah Drew, che interpretano rispettivamente Arizona Robbins e April Kepner. Le attrici hanno recentemente diffuso sulle loro pagine Instagram, alcune foto dal set, che testimoniano il loro ultimo giorno di riprese.

Sarah Drew ha scritto:

Queste sono alcune delle persone che amo di più al mondo. Durante le riprese di questa scena il mio cuore era pieno di gioia e tristezza, perché non sarei stata più con loro sullo stesso set. Ma ero piena di gioia per aver avuto l’opportunità di conoscere persone che ho amato e mi hanno amata per 9 anni.

Here are some of my favorite people on the planet. While shooting this scene my heart was so full of joy and sadness at the same time that it was almost unbearable. As I was looking up at all of these beautiful faces, smiling down at me with so much love, happy to see April alive and well, I was overcome with sadness about the reality of not being with all of these people in the same place in the same way ever again. But, I was ALSO overcome with the joy of having had the opportunity in my life to know such gorgeous people whom I have loved, who have loved me so well for 9 years. During a break in the scene, I felt the tears coming and I looked over and made eye contact with Caterina and Chandra and they whisked me away and let me feel my feelings all over them. It was such a sweet moment of friendship. What I keep experiencing since the moment I was let go, is the tremendous joy that is present in the midst of my sorrow. It felt horrible to be asked to leave my family of 9 years, and I have experienced real, deep grief over it, BUT I have ALSO been so buoyed up by my cast, my crew, the fans, and my family in such extraordinary ways, that I wouldn’t trade any moment of it for the world. I keep describing my experience over the last two months as being “love-bombed” because between the conversations, the hugs, the letters, the tweets, the plane(!), that’s truly what I’ve felt. Love-bombed. In the wake of being let go, I’ve been overwhelmed with gratitude, and I’ve felt profoundly loved. I am so humbled and so thankful. Get ready for so many more pics and love notes next week. ❤️❤️❤️

Un post condiviso da Sarah Drew (@thesarahdrew) in data:

Come sappiamo, April Kepner è sopravvissuta ad un incidente molto serio nell’ultimo episodio trasmesso negli Stati Uniti. L’attrice ha promesso ai fan un momento particolarmente strappalacrime tra lei è Jesse Williams, che interpreta il suo amato Dr. Jackson Avery:

La performance di Jesse in questa scena mi ha letteralmente distrutta. Questa foto, inoltre, rende alla perfezione il nostro rapporto.

First of all, Jesse knocked this scene completely out of the park. His performance destroyed me. Wow. Secondly, For me, this photo speaks volumes about our partnership. Jesse and I had some very trying stories to tell over the years and there were many moments when we really needed to lean on each other to get through them. And we did. To name a few: Samuel’s death, signing divorce papers, when Harriet was cut out of me (Jesse was on set to do the off camera phone call), when April tells Jackson she needs to move out because it’s just too hard. The scene right here where Jackson prays over April was one of those moments. It was agonizing for me, because I wanted so badly to reach out and offer him support in the scene- to let him lean on me – cuz that’s what we do for each other- but I had to just lie there unconscious letting him do his beautiful work alone. So, after he finished his coverage, I reached out to hug him and our makeup artist @lovveeani caught it on film. Our partnership on this show has been so sweet, so collaborative, so challenging (in the absolute BEST way). We got to tell stories that really matter, that have reached out and provided a safe space for people to love, laugh, mourn and grow. I will be forever grateful to my co-captain for the 9 years of friendship and for the opportunity to tell such beautiful stories together. Thank you, Jesse ❤️❤️❤️. Photocred @lovveeani

Un post condiviso da Sarah Drew (@thesarahdrew) in data:

Anche Jessica Capshaw ha pubblicato una foto dal set dell’ultimo episodio, accompagnata da una frase semplice ma particolarmente eloquente: “Famiglia. Rispetto. Amore“.

Family. Respect. Love.

Un post condiviso da Jessica Capshaw (@jessicacapshaw) in data:

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